Is Peekaboo Safe? A Peekaboo Review for Parents

Is Peekaboo Safe? A Peekaboo Review for Parents

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While the CEOs of major social media apps like Snapchat and Meta are put on the stand for their (lack of) child safety features, there are tons of smaller social apps attracting teens to their platforms with even less regard for protection. One of the latest of these apps is Peekaboo, a friend-making app that launched just last year in .

It’s unclear just how popular Peekaboo is, so there’s a good chance your child hasn’t even heard of it and won’t before the hype dies down. And if you Google this app, you probably won’t find much since it’s so new.

From our testing of the app, here’s the TL;DR: This app is an unsupervised landmine of inappropriate content and potential encounters with predators. Read more