Typographic hierarchy draws the user’s attention to the important bits

Typographic hierarchy draws the user’s attention to the important bits

In this day and age, digital products help us to be more efficient, more social, more self-promoting, and more informed. We can hop online to find everything from the best-performing power drill to the perfect piece of pre-loved furniture. With our always-connected, always-needing culture, it’s no surprise the number of products and services that are devoted to finding the right person for the right relationship has increased.

As designers of experiences, we felt the need to research the mass democratization of dating and the so-called dating apocalypse. We chose 8 popular apps and focused on 12 features we consider the most interesting from a user experience perspective.

Aesthetics and Perception

While it’s important that the palette supports the brand’s personality, it’s even more essential that it set the right tone for the user’s experience. When it comes to desire, color can play a big role in setting the mood.

Is the user looking for love in a corporate environment, along the beach at sunset, or in a dark and shiny swinger room? Grindr and Sudy know just what its users want. Sporting a dark palette, it provides the perfect space for a little something nefarious. Highlighting actions with little pops of yellow or pink is not only a usability win, it also adds to the feel of quick and dirty.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Appetence and Inner Circle have a monochrome color scheme that makes the likelihood of red-hot passion feel even more distant than its boring grey buttons.

While certain colors might be associated with common reactions, the idea that a particular color can evoke a specific emotion is about as accurate as the horoscope of your love life. Read more